Icelandair Group announces new company structure, Icelandair CEO to exit

    Icelandair Group‘s board decided (15-Nov-2017) to make the following structural changes to the company:

    • Operations of Icelandair Group and Icelandair will be integrated under one CEO and the finance departments of the companies will be combined;
    • The CEO of the company will be Björgólfur Jóhannsson and the CFO will be Bogi Nils Bogason;
    • Two subsidiaries of Icelandair Group, IGS and Icelandair Cargo, will become part of Icelandair but both companies are now subsidiaries of Icelandair Group;
    • Birkir Hólm Guðnason will leave the position of Icelandair CEO.

    According to Icelandair Group, the changes will lead to a clearer focus on the core business of the group and the integration will facilitate simpler and more efficient operations. Chairman Úlfar Steindórsson stated: “This change strengthens the Company’s platform for growth and enables it to further meet the needs of its customers in an efficient way with a focus on great customer service”. [more – original PR]