Hyatt launches ‘Caption by Hyatt’ – a new lifestyle brand aimed at inspiring personal connections

Hyatt Hotels Corporation has launched ‘Caption by Hyatt’, a new lifestyle brand within the select service category that it hopes will bring people closer together and will allow them to “work, eat or socialise in comfortable, flexible, communal spaces that encourage meaningful conversations and connections”.

The hotel group says the new brand has been designed to create a location “where guests feel comfortable striking up a conversation with someone new over a cup of coffee, a bite to eat or a drink at the end of the day”.

The ‘Caption by Hyatt’ offer will be anchored by a distinctive food and beverage experience that is described as “a vibrant mash-up between café, market and bar”.

“At Hyatt, we believe in the power of personal connection,” explains Heather Geisler, vice president of global brands, Hyatt. “By listening to our guests, we know that whether they are traveling alone or with a friend, they are looking to connect with others in an environment that is authentic and approachable. The ‘Caption by Hyatt’ brand will invite guests and locals alike to hang out, enjoy a cocktail and catch up with a friend, new or old, in a space that is intended for them.”

The ‘Caption by Hyatt’ brand will focus on three core promises- alluring and approachable spaces, conversation-worthy food and beverage and experiences that don’t begin or end at the hotel’s front door.

Hyatt describes the ‘Caption by Hyatt’ hotels will invite guests in with “cosy rooms and common areas that are flexible enough to move things around and make the space uniquely theirs”. It says social spaces will be “richly designed and unexpectedly put together – sparking conversation and giving guests and locals alike no choice but to stay awhile”. Meanwhile, with the food and drink concept, it will be about more than what’s on the table, says Hyatt. “They will bring people together to enjoy the locale’s dynamic culture,” it explains.

Similarly, whether guests try something new or meet someone new, the ‘Caption by Hyatt’ concept will “create the conditions for connections that matter – all-day drinks and sharable snacks; spaces designed for guests to plug in anywhere; flexible and multi-purpose spaces for lounging and small events; and a rotating calendar of do-it-yourself and hosted events from trunk shows to local beer tastings,” says the hotelier.

It follows the trend to more lifestyle experiences which could drive superior revenue opportunities for the properties and will be used as a market growth driver for Hyatt both in dense urban markets, emerging neighbourhoods and high foot traffic areas.

“We believe the brand is primed for strong growth as it can flex and adapt to suit the needs of different locations and markets and can offer a more sustainable approach to design and operations,” says Jim Chu, global head of development for Hyatt.