Helloworld Travel Limited net profit up 4% in H1FY2020

    Helloworld Travel Limited reported (24-Feb-2020) the following financial highlights for the six months ended 31-Dec-2019:

    • Total transaction value (TTV): AUD3560 million (USD2437 million), +12.9% year-on-year;
    • Revenue: AUD200.0 million (USD136.9 million), +9.8%;
    • Revenue margin: 5.6%, -0.2pp;
    • Profit before tax: AUD32.9 million (USD22.5 million), +4.9%;
    • Net profit: AUD22.7 million (USD15.5 million), +4.1%;
    • Total assets: AUD750.3 million (USD513.6 million),;
      • Cash and cash equivalents: AUD204.8 million (USD140.2 million);
    • Total liabilities: AUD428.5 million (USD293.3 million).