Global Alliance Review: Star Alliance

    As part of our continued review of global alliances (see An in-depth look at global alliances), The Blue Swan Daily brings you a snapshot of Star Alliance. Star Alliance was established in 1997 as the first global airline alliance to “better meet the needs of the frequent international traveller” and is now the world’s largest global alliance. Star Alliance introduced the Connecting Partner Model in Dec-2016 as a partnership concept for regional, low-cost or hybrid airlines to link to the Star Alliance network without full membership. Juneyao Airlines is the launch carrier under the new model, which was implemented on 23-May-2017.

    In terms of market share, Star Alliance is the largest global alliance in the world with 18.7% of total seats. Star Alliance includes 28 members from around the globe. In 2017, Star Aliiance partner’s capacity included over 989 million seats, touching 199 countries, 1,356 airports and 6,296 city pairs. With over 2,540 aircraft currently in operation.