ForwardKeys: London’s immediate tourism outlook is ‘on the wane’, particularly from China

    ForwardKeys stated London’s immediate tourism outlook “is on the wane”, with international forward air bookings showing a significant decline particularly from China. International forward bookings to London “lag” by 3.5% for 1H2018, with a 10.1% decrease currently projected for 2Q2018. Other top EU destinations, including ParisRomeAmsterdam and Barcelona, are expected to grow visitor arrivals. London’s decline began during 4Q2017, with ForwardKeys data finding terror attacks had a “moderate effect when compared to the fluctuation in the British pound”. The outlook expects arrivals in London from outside EuropeAustralia and New Zealand will lead forward bookings, while arrivals from ArgentinaBrazilIndiaNigeria and Russia also look “encouraging”. China is behind by 5.4% for 1H2018, while the US is behind approximately 7.2%. Visitor numbers from China during the Chinese New Year 2018 decreased 13.3% year-on-year. ForwardKeys anticipates London’s next optimistic outlook is in late Apr-2018, the “high season” for visitors from India, with numbers ahead by 5.6%. [more – original PR]