Flight Centre passes USD15bn in total transaction value in FY2017

    Flight Centre chairman Gary Smith reported (09-Nov-2017) the following highlights for FY2017:

    • Sales-related targets:
      • Exceeded AUD20 billion (USD15.4 billion) in total transaction value for the first time;
      • Exceeded AUD1 billion (USD768 million) in online leisure sales for the first time;
    • Strategic objectives:
      • Increased productivity, which has allowed us to grow sales in a more efficient manner. TTV per person is our productivity metric and is increasing globally;
      • Further expanded the three core business units – leisure travel retail, corporate travel and in-destination travel experiences – across major geographies;
      • Initiated a transformation programme;
      • Expanded unique product ranges, which complement products sold on behalf of suppliers and provide product differentiation from competitors. [more – original PR]