European Commission to approve draft of Schiphol traffic to Lelystad Airport

    European Commission, in a draft decision implementation decision, approved (Sep-2019) the designation of Lelystad Airport as a coordinated airport allowing distribution of traffic between Lelystad and Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (NOS, 06-Sep-2019). Details include:

    • There will be no restrictions on destinations served from Lelystad;
    • Airlines voluntarily moving point-to-point operations from Schiphol to Lelystad will have priority for obtaining slots at Lelystad. Only in the case of equal priority under slot regulation will priority subsequently be given to traffic originating from Schiphol;
    • Any transfer to Lelystad Airport takes place on a voluntary basis;
    • Slots relinquished at Schiphol as a result of an airline moving point-to-point operations to Lelystad have to be used at Schiphol as a transfer service. Slots will be made available at Schiphol when:
      • An airline voluntarily hands it back to the slot coordinator or to another carrier; or
      • Uses the slot to operate transfer services. A Ministerial Decree, to be reviewed every two years, will define destinations based on the criteria of an average transfer rate at Schiphol during the last four seasons of at least 10%;
    • The draft decree states Lelystad‘s capacity of up to 25,000 slots will be provided with traffic distributed from Schiphol. Slots between 10,000 and 25,000 will also be distributed with priority to originating traffic from Schiphol. [more – original PR]