Eurocontrol outlines top country contributors to growth for European aviation network in Sep-2018

    Eurocontrol reported (12-Oct-2018) 10 states added more than 50 flights per day to the European aviation network in Sep-2018. Spain (excluding Canary Islands) was the main contributor, adding 207 flights per day due “to a dynamic internal flow” but also its flows to and from Germany (+32 flights/day), Italy (+31) and France (+28). Germany was next with 191 extra flights per day, owing mainly to its flow to and from Turkey (+51 flights/day), Greece (+35), Spain (+33) and flows to and from Egypt which continued to grow (+19 flights/day, +35%). Greece was the third contributor and saw its local traffic increase by 10.6% (+188 flights/day) thanks to its internal flow and its flows to and from Western Europe. Italy and Poland added each 129 and 126 flights per day and completed the top five contributors. [more – original PR]