Emirates adjusts Asia Pacific schedule for winter 2018/2019, cuts back on frequencies

    Emirates advised the following adjustments to its Asia Pacific schedule for winter 2018/2019 season, effective 28-Oct-2018 to 30-Mar-2019 (Routes Online, 28-Sep-2018):

    • Dubai-Adelaide: Boeing 777-200LR to replace 777-300ER from 28-Oct-2018 to 30-Nov-2018 and from 01-Feb-2019 to 30-Mar-2019;
    • Dubai-Bangkok-Sydney: 777-300ER to replace A380 aircraft on daily frequency, effective 15-Jan-2019;
    • Dubai-Denpasar-Auckland: Frequency to decrease from seven to five times weekly from 12-Nov-2018 to 03-Dec-2018 with overall Dubai-Denpasar frequency dropping from 14 to 12 times weekly. Frequency will further decrease to four times weekly from 21-Jan-2019 to 30-Mar-2019, with overall Dubai-Denpasar service dropped to 11 times weekly;
    • Dubai-Perth: Frequency to decrease from 14 to 11 times weekly between 07-Nov-2018 and 28-Nov-2018 and then between 02-Feb-2019 and 30-Mar-2019;
    • Dubai-Singapore: A380 to replace 777-300ER equipment from 15-Jan-2019;
    • Dubai-Singapore-Melbourne: 777-300ER equipment to replace A380 aircraft from 02-Nov-2018 to 20-Nov-2018, and then from 15-Jan-2019 to 30-Mar-2019;
    • Dubai-Tokyo Haneda: Two class 777-200LR aircraft to operate route from 01-Feb-2019;
    • Dubai-Yinchuan-Zhengzhou: Three times weekly service scheduled to suspend from 15-Nov-2018.