Devonport Chamber of Commerce and Industry renews calls for direct Sydney service

    Devonport Chamber of Commerce and Industry president Stacey Sheehan renewed calls for direct service from Sydney to Devonport (The Advocate, 15-Jan-2018). “We’ve got so much to offer and that Sydney market could be so lucrative to us”, Ms Sheehan said, noting that the direct service could help establish the North West Coast as a long weekend destination. Service between Sydney, Devonport and Hobart was operated in 1990s with the renewed call for direct service coming amid the development of a 15 year master plan for Devonport Airport that has more frequent services to more destinations as a key priority. Ms Sheehan said the master plan would “go a long way” to build a business case for direct flights to Sydney. “It’s going to be really important for the city’s future growth to get that Sydney route in at some stage”, she said.