Delta: NDC is a ‘means to improve the existing business model, not break it’

    Delta Air Lines VP of global distribution and digital strategy Rhonda Crawford stated (06-Feb-2018) NDC technology is a “welcome development and a long time coming”, although it may prove a challenge for GDS distributions to process offers from multiple carriers. She noted: “NDC was created to provide a common language that all carriers can use to streamline the transfer of content to GDSs. This facilitates airlines controlling our own content, which sounds like a great idea. I think of NDC as a means to improve the existing business model, not break it”. She added that third parties need to invest in their own display capabilities, showing information shared through new technology that reflects “all the choices being offered”. She cited the number and capability of “shelves” that partners use to display content as a “significant issue”. She noted: “With continued segmentation and branded fares bringing even more options to customers, the industry hasn’t kept pace and the first class, business class, premium economy and main cabin shelves are all that’s available. We need our partners to again make the investments needed to add new “shelves” as carriers like Delta innovate and improve the customer experience”. [more – original PR]