Delta continues to see solid gains in its net promoter score

Delta Air Lines’ net promoter score continues to rise, but the airline may not be interested in moving the needle in that metric much above 50%.


  • US major Delta Air Lines has seen a strong gains in its net promoter score used to gauge the loyalty of customer relationships;
  • From just 20% in 2011, its net promoter score reached 41.5% in 2017 and averaged 44% last year;
  • The airline may not be interested in moving the needle in that metric much above 50% when it says it will evaluate the cost benefits of continuing to grow the metric.

In late 2017 Delta’s net promoter score was 41.5% compared to 20% the company posted in 2011.

Recently, Delta executives stated its net promoter score had averaged 44% in 2018, which is roughly a three point increase from 2017.

Delta is one of the few airlines that discuses net promoter score. Smaller low cost hybrid airlines Alaska and JetBlue seem more interested in talking about successfully increasing their net promoter scores. Alaska Air Group during 1Q2018 boasted it had an 66% net promote score.

Delta in the recent past has adopted a different approach to managing its net promoter score. The company has stated its ultimate net promoter score target is around 50, and that once its domestic score reaches that target, the company would evaluate the cost benefits of continuing grow its net promoter metrics.

The company is a rarity in the US airlines industry. In 2017  Delta was the only airline listed in Forbes’ top 15 most relevant brands, joining industry leaders such as Amazon, Starbucks, Google and Tesla.

Alaska Air Group, which is in the process of merging with Virgin America, posted a 66% net promoter score in early 2018.

Alaska recently stated it was making some refinements to its Alaska Listens programme, which is the vehicle the company uses to ask net promoter scores “to make sure it is as pure as a net promoter score question as we can”.