Delays recorded in European aviation network in summer 2018 equivalent to over 20 years

    Airlines for Europe (A4E) policy director Achim Baumann reported (27-Sep-2018) the following regarding air traffic performance and delays in Europe in summer 2018:

    • Jun-2018 enroute delays: +150.2%;
    • Jul-2018 enroute delays: +102.4%;
    • Aug-2018 enroute delays: +102.1%.

    He said the main reasons for the “shocking” increase in delays is a “lack of capacity provided by ANSPs”, an overall ATC staff shortage and a contributing factor in weather. He said: “On the flip side, it has never been easier or more affordable to fly. With a growing economy, European air traffic increased an average of 4% this summer versus last and is expected to grow even further in the future”. Overall, the European aviation network generated 10.6 million minutes of delay in summer 2018, the equivalent of over 20 years. Mr Baumann said the system “has simply reached its limit” and believes airlines and passengers “should not suffer the cost of these delays”. [more – original PR]