CTA finalises Air Passenger Protection Regulations, to be implemented in two stages

    Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) announced (24-May-2019) finalisation of the Air Passenger Protection Regulations, which will be implemented in the following two stages:

    • From 15-Jul-2019, airlines will be required to:
      • Communicate information to passengers regarding rights, recourses and regular updates in a simple, clear way, in the event of flight delays and cancellations;
      • Provide compensation of up to CAD2400 (USD1786) for bumping a passenger for reasons within the airline’s control;
      • Ensure passengers receive standards of treatment during all tarmac delays and allow them to leave the aircraft, provided it is safe to do so, the tarmac delay lasts for more than three hours and there is no prospect of an imminent take off;
      • Provide compensation for lost or damaged baggage of up to CAD2100 (USD1563), and a refund of any baggage fees;
      • Set clear policies regarding transportation of musical instruments;
    • From 15-Dec-2019, airlines will be required to:
      • Provide compensation of up to CAD1000 (USD744) for flight delays and cancellations within an airline’s control that are not safety related;
      • Rebook or refund passengers when flights are delayed, which may include using a competing airline to transport passengers to their destination;
      • Provide food, drink and accommodation when passengers’ flights are delayed;
      • Facilitate the seating of children under 14 years in close proximity to an accompanying adult at no extra charge.

    These regulations are being created by the CTA under the Canada Transportation Act, as amended by the Transportation Modernisation Act in May-2018. [more – original PR – English/French] [more – original PR – Transport Canada – English/French]