China Eastern Airlines Group is second largest airline group in China

    OAG, via its official blog, stated (01-Oct-2018) China Eastern Airlines Group holds 18% of China‘s capacity and is the second largest airline group in the country. The group had scheduled seat capacity of more than 150 million seats in the 12 months to Jun-2018, with China Eastern Airlines accounting for 79% of group capacity. The group network is larger than each of the other Chinese airline groups with services to 280 destinations. However, it is growing slightly more slowly than its peers with group carriers adding 9.8 million seats in 2018, equating to 7% growth. Within the group, Shanghai Airlines is growing fastest, with 9% more seats in 2018 compared to 2017. The China Eastern Airlines Group remains focused on domestic growth with almost nine out of 10 new seats being added to domestic routes in the last year. With the second largest fleet of the four Chinese airline groups, the China Eastern group also has a significant long haul aircraft order book, with 20 A350s and 15 Boeing 787s on order.