Check in! – hotel highlights across South Pac

    The Blue Swan Daily brings you a round up of the latest key hotel news from across the South Pacific.

    CWT developing pre and post booking tools for corporate travel price optimisation

    CWT developed (03-Jul-2019) a new AI platform for pre-ticket price optimisation. The tool can predict airfare volatility, optimising the time of ticketing for corporate travellers. If the pre-ticket platform identifies a fare that is likely to decrease in price, it places a temporary hold on the booking in order to ticket at the most optimal time. CWT also developed a post-ticket price optimisation tool, which automatically searches for price drops using the same flights, hotel properties and travel dates as the original booking. When it finds net savings, the flight or hotel is rebooked at the lower price with no traveller intervention required.

    Thoughts from Crown Resorts: Perth

    Crown Resorts director of sales Scott Alderson, speaking at the CAPA Perth Aviation & Corporate Travel Summit, stated (05-Jul-2019):

    • “Some really fantastic” hotel brands “are emerging in Perth”, but “the challenge now is you’ve got hotels which can compete in any city in Australia in terms of product, but they can’t put the rate up to justify it”.
    • “The market is quite flat for us at the moment compared to what we look at for an entire city” because “there’s new hotels coming in but there’s new people coming in as well”.
    • “The efforts in the market to increase” Perth as a destination is working, “not only for hotels and leisure but definitely from a business situation”.

    International SOS: Poor technology and hotel choices impact travellers

    International SOS area medical director Dr Michael Wilson, speaking at the CAPA Perth Aviation & Corporate Travel Summit, stated (05-Jul-2019) “Poor technology and poor hotel choices” pose significant “risk factors of stress” on travellers.