American knows ‘who we are’ in New York as it aims to become best airline for business customer

American Airlines VP for planning Vasu Raja stated the carrier knows “who we are” in New York, stating: “Our value proposition is to be the best…..

US TSA requires advance cargo screening for six Middle East airlines

US TSA issued an emergency amendment requiring air cargo advance screening for specific carriers and points of departure to the US (AP/CBS News/CNN/NBC News/Reuters/USA Today, 22/23-Jan-2018). The requirements cover EgyptAir…..

Vietnam Airlines CEO: US service would operate at a loss for first five years

Vietnam Airlines president and CEO Duong Tri Thanh stated the launch of direct service to the US is more likely in 2019 or 2020 than 2018, due to…..

Menzies Aviation announces new ground handling contracts for six airlines

Menzies Aviation announced (02-Jan-2018) it was awarded the following ground handling contracts: Cathay Pacific in Adelaide, Perth and Christchurch; Samoa Airways in Auckland and Sydney;…..

JETGO handles 3266 pax at Illawarra Regional Airport in Dec-2017, considers Gold Coast service

JETGO Australia, via its official Facebook account, reposted (02-Jan-2018) reports that the carrier is “pleased” with progress of operations at Illawarra Regional Airport, two months…..

Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport opens new international business lounge

Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport launched (28-Dec-2017) a new 664sqm international business lounge at terminal D. The lounge will operate round the clock and is outfitted with 117…..

easyJet approached by airlines to provide feeder services from Berlin Tegel Airport

easyJet MD Thomas Haagensen confirmed easyJet has been approached by other airlines to provide feeder services from Berlin Tegel Airport (Reuters, 23-Dec-2017). Mr Haagensen stated: “We have already had very many…..

Blue Swan Infographic: Australian Domestic Air Travel – March 2017

BITRE Domestic Air Travel – March 2017 Source: BITRE

News Briefs – 17th April 2017

Rex propeller fell off because of broken bracket: ATSB Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) stated (13-Apr-2017) an inspection of a Regional Express (Rex) aircraft involved in an incident…..

Virgin Australia: A snapshot of a busy few weeks

It has been a big couple of weeks for Virgin Australia; between route announcements, route launches and even a whole new product, it seems the…..