We are already seeing a positive rise in domestic air travel, but which of the world’s largest markets are showing the strongest recovery?

The recovery of travel to all destinations worldwide will depend on a host of factors, not limited to the economy, the speed with which travel…..

Europe is ahead of North America in the Covid-19 lifecycle so should see a quicker return of corporate travel, but uncertainty remains when that will be

Europe has been ahead of North America in the lifecycle of the coronavirus pandemic. While we are still uncertain just where it emerged it has…..

Third wave of IATA public opinion research shows willingness to travel is still being tempered by concerns over the risks of catching Covid-19 during air travel

New research from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has highlighted that consumer willingness to travel continues to be tempered by concerns over the risks…..

Turning on the tap – even just a 1% rise in international arrivals will deliver a USD7 billion GDP boost

While the fear factor remains a major concern for many travellers, any worries that travel would not recover has been put to rest with what…..

Business leaders believe we are still in the Covid-19 survival phase and the majority still want to limit international travel

There has been a marked improvement in sentiment about the three-month outlook for the global economy from business leaders based on the findings of the…..

A ‘dire winter outlook’ is the prognosis for European aviation, according to CAPA’s new Air Capacity Models

A number of countries in Europe were hit particularly hard by the Covid-19 pandemic. The United Kingdom has recorded the largest number of fatalities –…..

Face-to-face meetings slipping further into future as the confidence of business travel planners wanes

According to the i-meet.com weekly survey of over 2000 business travel planners, their confidence in starting up face-to-face meetings has moved further and further away…..

New research reveals when corporates expect to resume travel and those in the mining and construction sectors will lead the way

The majority of organisations will take a phased approach to resuming domestic and international business travel over the next 12 months according to the first…..