Brazil to eliminate visa requirements for US, Canada, Japan and Australia

Brazil‘s Tourism Minister Marcelo Alvaro Antonio announced the country is working on eliminating visa requirements for US citizens as a way to boost international tourism arrivals figures…..

Avianca Brazil undergoing ‘one of the most difficult chapters’ in its history: CEO

Avianca Brazil CEO Frederico Pedreira, via his personal LinkedIn account, described (16-Jan-2019) the current state of AviancaBrazil as “one of the most difficult chapters in the history of…..

Delta Air Lines COO: Govt shutdown could affect certification of A330-900neo

Delta Air Lines COO and senior EVP Wayne Gilbert West stated (15-Jan-2019) the US Government shutdown could potentially affect certification of A330-900neo aircraft, in addition to A220 aircraft. Mr…..

New technology adoption increases momentum as United and Delta continue to leverage blockchain, AI and machine learning

Studies and testing of blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning by US airlines continues at a steady pace, and will only gain momentum as…..

Did you know? Top 20 Asia Pacific LCCs by Capacity

With Asia Pacific having one of the largest growth opportunities for aviation in the world, LCCs are forming a large part of this growth. For…..

Country Insight: #97 – El Salvador

This year The Blue Swan Daily will countdown the world’s 100 largest aviation markets based upon departure seats in 2018. Here, using the extensive profile…..

Spirit Airlines to launch eight domestic services in May-2019

Spirit Airlines announced (15-Jan-2019) plans to launch the following services from 02-May-2019: Raleigh Durham–Baltimore/Washington: Twice daily; Raleigh Durham–Boston: Daily; Raleigh Durham-Chicago O’Hare: Daily; Raleigh Durham-Detroit: Daily; Raleigh Durham-Orlando:…..

Aerolineas Argentinas to eliminate premium cabin on 737 fleet

Aerolineas Argentinas CEO Luis Malvido commented on 2019 market projections, stating: “The market is growing well, but it’s far from achieving its full potential. Aerolineas, with…..

United Airlines: Consolidated PRASM increases 5% in 4Q2018

United Airlines reported (15-Jan-2019) consolidated PRASM increased 5% year on year in 4Q2018, towards the higher end of the airline’s 4Q2018 guidance range. Consolidated unit CASM…..