Air Canada proposes to acquire Transat AT, create global travel services company

Air Canada entered (16-May-2019) into an exclusive agreement with Transat AT to potentially combine the airline and company. Air Canada proposes to acquire all issued and outstanding shares of Transat at…..

Avianca reduces ‘average fares by 4.2% given the macroeconomic weakness’ in several markets

Avianca Holdings attributed (15-May-2019) the USD18.5 million operating income (EBIT) in 1Q2019, with a 1.6% EBIT margin in 1Q2019 primarily to a 1.5% year-on-year decrease in…..

Delta Air Lines advises against proposed EU tariffs, would invoke ‘serious harm’

Delta Air Lines associate general counsel Scott McClain advised the US government that proposed EU tariffs over illegal aircraft subsidies would invoke “serious harm” to the airline, its customers and workers…..

WestJet’s Swoop tweaks its distribution to drive improvement in shoulder months

Canada’s WestJet has opted to tweak its distribution strategy for its ULCC subsidiary Swoop after encountering some headwinds during off peak times. Swoop mades its…..

With the travel industry well placed to support and enjoy the loyalty benefits of the move to end-to-end experience, new research suggests the travel insurance segment is ripe for disruption from travel retailers

Instant payment technologies, streamlined booking processes and consistent information delivered to the palm of the hand have become second-nature solutions for most major travel players…..

Heathrow’s third runway and other UK aviation infrastructure again under threat, this time obliquely from the environmental lobby

Just when Heathrow Airport thought it had fought off the final challenge to its implementation of a third runway by way of the recent rejection…..

Your weekly travel and aviation Quote-a

The Blue Swan Daily brings you a roundup of the most thought-provoking and interesting comments from those industry leaders in the know. Board of Airline…..

As aircraft delivery deferrals and cancellations suggest an overcapacity in supply, are we at a tipping point with airline orders?

In an industry with so many variables, any assessment of the future, even looking only a year ahead, is riven with challenge. But there are…..

TWA Hotel opens at JFK International Airport

New York Governor Andrew M Cuomo announced (15-May-2019) the opening of the TWA Hotel at New York John F Kennedy International Airport. The project involved the transformation…..

American Airlines CEO: UAE, Qatar subsidy of ME3 ‘unlike anything we’ve ever seen before’

American Airlines CEO Doug Parker said the UAE and Qatarhave subsidised Emirates, Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways“unlike anything we’ve ever seen before”, adding this produces an “enormous threat to commercial aviation and the United States” (Business…..

Boliviana de Aviacion: ‘There are few aircraft certified to operate in the Bolivian altitudes’

Boliviana de Aviacion GM Ronald Casso stated the carrier’s operational fleet totals 20 aircraft, while 16 are under leasing contracts (El Deber, 13-May-2019). Mr Casso added…..