Argentina limits entry of passengers to 700 per day

Aerolineas Argentinas announced (03-Apr-2020) Argentina‘s Government implemented a “safe corridors” policy which allows for a maximum of 700 people to enter the country by air on a…..

Coronavirus statistics snapshot – global flight frequencies are down 58% this week and in some individual major markets now exceed 90%

The reduction in global flights continues into April, but this month could mark the bottom of the curve as the COVID-19 pandemic spreads further globally,…..

CHECK IN! – latest hotel highlights from across the globe

The Blue Swan Daily brings you the first of this week’s round up of some of the latest accommodation news from across the globe. Radisson Blu…..

Shifting Sands – an update on latest travel developments across the Middle East

The Middle East market has been a story of growth for so many recent years as the development strategies from the likes of Emirates Airline,…..


This year The Blue Swan Daily will feature some of the leading airlines, airports and country markets for air travel. Here, using the extensive profile insights available…..

IATA: 98% of revenue-earning routes globally subject to ‘severe’ travel restrictions

IATA reported (02-Apr-2020) 98% of revenue-earning routes across the world are now subject to “severe” travel restrictions, including border closures, partial travel bans and quarantine measures……

American Airlines to reduce trans Atlantic capacity by 65% in summer 2020

American Airlines announced (02-Apr-2020) it will suspend more than 60% of international capacity year-on-year in summer 2020, including a 65% reduction in Atlantic capacity. The following…..

United Airlines losing more than USD100 million in revenue every day: President

United Airlines president Scott Kirby said the airline is losing more than USD100 million in revenue every day, and is expecting demand to decrease approximately 30% year-on-year for…..

ALTA: Mexico ‘really worries us’

Latin American and Caribbean Airline Association (ALTA) executive director Luis de Oliveira commented on efforts to assist the aviation industry in Mexico stating: “We still do not have anything clear in Mexico as to…..

Coronavirus: Aviation and travel are in a period of unprecedented darkness, but when the light returns what kind of industry can we expect to see?

As aviation and travel enters an unprecedented period of darkness, the industry that emerges will look vastly different than it did before the COVID-19 outbreak……