Tourism Australia ambassador chef Dan Hunter to give the world a taste of regional Victoria

Tourism Australia and Visit Victoria announced (03-May-2017) a series of culinary events across North America, Europe and Asia showcasing Australia’s best produce through the eyes…..

Alexandra Airport commence airside upgrades

Alexandra Airport commenced a NZD429,000 (USD295,479) upgrade to reseal the tarmac on its apron, develop 700m of taxiways and construct 25 private hangar lots (Stuff,…..

Australian Prime Minister commits to building Western Sydney Airport

Australia‘s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull confirmed (02-May-2017) the Government will build the Western Sydney Airport (WSA). Details of the plan to build WSA are expected to be announced in…..

Western Sydney Airport rail link decision to be determined by mid 2017

Australia‘s Minister for Urban Infrastructure Paul Fletcher stated (02-May-2017) the aim of the scoping study for Western Sydney Airport‘s rail infrastructure is “could rail be…..

SPTO: Fiji the top tourist destination in the Pacific with 40% of visitor arrivals

South Pacific Tourism Organisation (SPTO) confirmed Fiji as the top tourist destination in the Pacific with 40% of visitor arrivals in 2016 (SPTO, 02-May-2017). SPTO stated Fiji…..

New Zealand aims for Chinese market with cover feature on National Geographic Traveler

Tourism New Zealand secured (02-May-2017) the cover story of the Chinese edition of National Geographic Traveler for May-2017. The 16 page feature story called Green Pass…..

Sydney Airport has catchment population of 7.5m, equivalent to 31% of Australia’s population

Sydney Airport stated (02-May-2017) the airport has a catchment population of around 7.5 million people, equivalent to 31% of Australia‘s total population. Sydney and NSW…..

Sydney Airport international traffic utilises 15% of slots but generates 70% of passenger revenue

Sydney Airport noted (02-May-2017) international traffic only utilises 15% of slots at the airport but generates 70% of passenger attributable revenues such as aeronautical and…..

Melbourne Tullamarine Airport to install eighth baggage carousel at International Arrivals hall

Melbourne Tullamarine Airport commenced (02-May-2017) work to install an eighth baggage collection carousel at the International Arrivals hall. The equipment will provide 15% more capacity.

Melbourne Tullamarine Airport CEO forecasts ‘sustainable growth’ for international traffic

Melbourne Tullamarine Airport CEO Lyell Strambi forecast (02-May-2017) “sustainable growth” in international traffic to Melbourne stating: “The most important thing we can do is ensure that…..

Sydney Airport rejects offer to develop and operate Western Sydney Airport

Sydney Airport announced (02-May-2017) to the Australian Federal Government that it has not accepted the offer in the Notice of Intention (NOI) to develop and operate the…..