Gold Coast Airport provides Korean cultural awareness training to employees and stakeholders

Gold Coast Airport reported (09-Dec-2019) employees received cultural awareness training as preparation for Jetstar Airways‘ new Gold Coast-Seoul service. Queensland Airports Limited CEO Chris Mills…..

Air France-KLM to launch expanded codeshare partnership with Qantas Group

Air France-KLM announced (09-Dec-2019) plans to launch an expanded codeshare agreement with Qantas Group‘s Jetstar Airways and Jetstar Asia, effective late Dec-2019. Under the agreement, Air…..

Tamworth Airport could become an international airfreight hub: Mayor

Tamworth Regional Council Mayor Col Murray said Tamworth Airport has the potential to serve as an international air cargo hub for northern New South Wales…..

Air France-KLM expands FFP partnership agreement with Qantas

Air France-KLM confirmed (09-Dec-2019) an expanded FFP partnership agreement was signed with Qantas, effective 09-Dec-2019. Under the agreement, Qantas Frequent Flyer and Air France-KLM’s Flying Blue…..

Sydney Airport to construct new ‘on-airport’ hotel precinct

Sydney Airport announced (06-Dec-2019) the airport plans to construct a dedicated hotel precinct to leverage operational synergies. The airport plans to launch a new hotel…..

Sydney Airport to target underserved new, medium sized origin and destination markets in 2020

Sydney Airport announced (06-Dec-2019) the following opportunities to target under served markets and new, medium sized origin and destination markets from mid 2020. Kathmandu; Mumbai;…..

Melbourne Avalon Airport CEO: AirAsia partnership an ‘outstanding success’

Melbourne Avalon Airport CEO Justin Giddings announced (05-Dec-2019) its partnership with AirAsia after one year has “been an outstanding success for passengers, AirAsia, Avalon and…..

Asiana Airlines extends A380 operation on Sydney service

Asiana Airlines plans to continue operating A380 equipment on daily Seoul Incheon-Sydney service until 11-May-2020, replacing 777-200ERs (Routes Online, 05-Dec-2019). The A380 operation was originally…..

AirAsia X: Service to Avalon has ‘undoubtedly provided’ significant boost to local economy

AirAsia X CEO Benyamin Ismail stated (05-Dec-2019) “We have carried nearly half a million visitors from and to [Melbourne Avalon Airport] this year”. Mr Ismail…..

Air Frontier opens new base in the Tiwi Islands to strengthen travel into Darwin

Air Frontier, via its official Facebook account, opened (01-Dec-2019) a base in the Tiwi Islands on 01-Dec-2019 to provide “a much cheaper and efficient way…..

Flinders Island Airport to commence runway construction, Sharp Airlines adjusts schedule

Sharp Airlines, in conjunction with the Flinders Island Council announced (04-Dec-2019) Flinders Island Airport will receive AUD3.6 million (USD2.5 million) in runway construction in Feb-2020,…..