Waking up to the pilot shortage issue… the problem is now

For years there has been much talk about the looming shortage of pilots, but it is becoming clear that unless some immediate action is taken…..

Catch up on CAPA’s exclusive Market Analysis pieces – Icelandair, Spirit Airlines, GOL Airlines and more

Every week, CAPA – Centre for Aviation, produces informative, thought provoking and detailed market analysis of the aviation industry. With supporting data included in every…..

Video Analysis: Qantas releases FY2017 results, records 2nd highest underlying profit in its history

Qantas Group released its Full Year 2017 financial results today, which included information on its fleet, loyalty programme and outlook for FY2018. Qantas today reported…..

AirAsia X Group reports 7th consecutive quarterly profit

AirAsia X today reported its seventh consecutive quarterly profit in 2Q2017. Net profit of MYR47.4 million (USD11.1 million) was a result of foreign exchange gains…..

Hong Kong Airlines aims to work with tourism authorities to improve off peak demand for Cairns and Gold Coast

Hong Kong Airlines plans to further increase capacity to Australia in 2018 during peak periods and is hoping to work more closely with tourism authorities…..

CAPA joins with procurement leaders

Procurement consultancy firm SimPPLY, recently held a welcome event for its new Chairman, Paul Menzies at the Australian 18 Footers League Club. The CAPA team…..

Your weekly travel and aviation Quote-a

The Blue Swan Daily brings you a roundup of the most thought-provoking and interesting comments from those industry leaders in the know. Virgin Australia CEO…..

Andrew McEvoy: Adelaide can sustain capacity growth by tapping into inbound travellers

Andrew McEvoy: Adelaide can sustain capacity growth by tapping into inbound visitors Andrew McEvoy owner and founder of We Connect China, a business designed to…..

Think – Procurement Is Ripe For Disruption

We recently caught up with think Chief Executive Office Peter McGregor, to discuss all things procurement. Mr McGregor has had over 20 years of experience…..

Health and well-being in the skies

In the airline industry differentiating oneself from competition is a vital, but rare, survival technique. Airlines all over the world are constantly looking for the…..

The birds are at it again says ATSB

The birds are at it again. It seems accidents and incidents are on the rise with the ATSB reporting a 77.7% increase in accidents for…..