Tianjin Airlines to launch Chongqing-Melbourne service in late Oct-2017

Tianjin Airlines, via its official WeChat account, announced (08-Jun-2017) plans to launch Chongqing-Melbourne Tullamarine service on 31-Oct-2017. Reservation for the service is now available through…..

Alliance Aviation Services Limited: FIFO Contract Extension

Alliance Airlines confirmed (08-Jun-2017) the contract to supply dedicated scheduled FIFO charter flights for BHP Billiton Iron Ore Pty Ltd (BHPIO) has been extended through…..

Tourism Council WA: More visitors key to hotel room boom

Tourism Council WA released (08-Jun-2017) the results of the Perth Hotel Development Report 2017, which identified that a significant increase in leisure visitors is required to fill thousands of…..

Tourism NZ targets Australians travelling to New Zealand for the ski season

Tourism New Zealand partnered (08-Jun-2017) with Australian lifestyle programme the Weekend Today to encourage viewers to visit New Zealand for a ski holiday. The breakfast programme will…..

Tourism NZ: Latest ADS China market update

Tourism New Zealand released (08-Jun-2017) its annual Approved Destination Status (ADS) market update for China. Over 100,000 Chinese visit New Zealand each year on a group…..

TTF: Govt should invest in tourism which is crucial to the growth of the Queensland economy

Tourism & Transport Forum (TTF) urged (08-Jun-2017) the Queensland Government to recognise the importance of the state’s tourism and transport sectors and support their growth…..

Public submissions vote in support of ‘iconic’ terminal design for New Plymouth Airport

New Plymouth Airport received a majority vote in support of the ‘iconic’ new terminal, according to results from public submissions (Radio NZ, 08-Jun-2017). As previously…..

Adelaide Airport welcomes Krispy Kreme store

Adelaide Airport, via its official Twitter account, welcomed (08-Jun-2017) the opening of Krispy Kreme store at the airport on 08-Jun-2017.

Auckland Airport introduces new passenger rates to fund USD1.3bn aeronautical capital expenditure

Auckland Airport revealed (08-Jun-2017) plans to invest around NZD1.8 billion (USD1.3 billion) on aeronautical infrastructure between 2018 and 2022, and will be introducing new aeronautical…..

CASA: Shane Carmody named new director of aviation safety

Australia‘s Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) announced (07-Jun-2017) the appointment of Shane Carmody to the role of director of aviation safety for a term of…..

Qantas upgrades Boeing 747-400

Qantas announced (07-Jun-2017) an upgrade for one Boeing 747-400 aircraft. The reconfiguration programme includes a complete fit out of the aircraft interior including new seats and new…..