AlfaStrakhovanie: Delays and damaged baggage most common causes of insurance claims in 2018

AlfaStrakhovanie stated (24-Jun-2019) service delays and damage to baggage were the most common causes of travel insurance claims in 2018. Service delays accounted for 63% of…..

Lufthansa Group premium economy class generates 33% higher revenue per sqm than economy

Lufthansa Group argued (24-Jun-2019) the premium economy class is the most productive cabin, with 6% higher revenue per sqm than business class and 33% higher than…..

Emerging technologies will relieve the payments and expense pain points experienced by travellers and managers alike, says BCD’s penultimate ‘Inform’ report

Emerging technologies will relieve the pain points experienced by travellers and managers alike when it comes to expenses, claims BCD Travel in its fifth and…..

The need for speed – Lockheed Martin unveils ‘quiet’ supersonic airliner while Boom Aerospace prepares for demonstrator debut

As you come in to land at London Heathrow you see a former British Airways Concorde parked and preserved close to threshold of the southern…..

Avis adds new ‘split my bill’ app feature for the bleisure set

Bleisure is now a mainstay in the travel industry, and all types of businesses are attempting to capitalise on opportunities of ever increasing populations mixing…..

Inside Travel: Understanding the latest technology and industry trend insights

Find it hard to keep track with all the latest insights into business trends, new products and technology advancements in the travel sector? The Blue Swan…..

Shifting Sands – an update on latest developments across the Middle East

The Middle East market has been a story of growth for so many recent years as the development strategies from the likes of Emirates Airline,…..

Country Insight: #52 – Ukraine

This year The Blue Swan Daily will countdown the world’s 100 largest aviation markets based upon departure seats in 2018. Here, using the extensive profile…..

Georgian Airways operates services normally, will offer transit service if Russia imposes ban

Georgian Airways, via its official Facebook account, stated (22-Jun-2019) it continues to operate scheduled, nonstop services to 17 destinations, with European and Russian routes served…..

Central Bank of Iceland prepared for ‘possibility of deeper recession’ due to tourism decline

Central Bank of Iceland Governor Mar Gudmundsson stated it is “prepared for the possibility of a deeper recession”, adding “the numbers we are getting on tourist arrivals seem…..

Lufthansa Group to cooperate with Google for tech and marketing projects

Lufthansa Group SVP global sales and CCO Frankfurt hub Heike Birlenbach reported the group plans to collaborate with Google in technology, advertising and marketing projects (, 20-Jun-2019). Projects include the…..