TravelWatch Isle of Man outlines proposal for Isle of Man based airline

TravelWatch Isle of Man proposed (23-Jun-2020) a case for an Isle of Man based airline “in the light of the fairly extraordinary circumstances we find ourselves in” and believe…..

European Commission approves German govt state aid package

European Commission approved (25-Jun-2020) German state aid plans to contribute EUR6 billion to the recapitalisation of Lufthansa Group. The Commission concluded that the recapitalisation measure will contribute to manage…..

Lufthansa airlines to clear airfare reimbursement backlog ‘within six weeks’: CEO

Lufthansa Group chairman and CEO Carsten Spohr, speaking during the company’s general meeting, said (25-Jun-2020) it hopes to process the repayment backlog of passenger airfares cancelled…..

Aegean seeing ‘gradual sales recovery’ in summer 2020 but the ‘next few months will be challenging’

Aegean Airlines CEO Dimitris Gerogiannis said (25-Jun-2020) the carrier has registered a “gradual sales recovery” in Jun-2020 due to easing travel restrictions, adding however that the…..

Air Belgium expands payment solutions; working on new IFE, WiFi connectivity onboard its A340-300s

Air Belgium announced (22-Jun-2020) plans to enhance its website by making new payment solutions available for customers. Details include: Combining several payment cards for the same…..

Tripadvisor launches new suite of ‘Travel Safe’ tools

Tripadvisor launched (24-Jun-2020) a new suite of “Travel Safe” tools to help consumers find, filter for, and validate health and safety information to feel more confident…..

CarTrawler reports duration of reservations increasing compared to 2019

CarTrawler reported (24-Jun-2020) COVIS-19 has led to changes in consumer booking behaviour, with the duration of reservations increasing in 2020 compared to 2019. The trend is…..

easyJet places hedging on hold for time periods between Apr-2020 and Oct-2021

easyJet stated (24-Jun-2020) due to the full grounding of its fleet on 30-Mar-2020 and the lower capacity expected for several months thereafter, easyJet became significantly over‐hedged from both…..

Travelport and UOB Travel to focus on the recovery trends in the travel sector in forthcoming webinar

Travelport and UOB Travel will highlight some of the most-asked questions around recovery in travel during a forthcoming webinar. Looking at the impact of the…..

Trudeau: Canada will be ‘very, very careful’ about reopening borders

Canada‘s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he is aware of “a lot of tourism firms and airlines who would like us to be able to…..

AVA Airways: ‘I don’t know why airline flights have to be so extravagant’

AVA Airways CEO Olivier Arrindell, via The Flying Sri Lankan’s official YouTube channel, commented (20-Jun-2020) on the start-up’s vision of ‘Taking Crazy Out of Flying’ stating:…..