CHECK OUT! – latest hotel highlights from across the globe

The Blue Swan Daily brings you the second of this week’s round up of some of the latest accommodation news from across the globe. Radisson Collection…..

Your weekly travel and aviation Quote-a

The Blue Swan Daily brings you a roundup of the most thought-provoking and interesting comments from those industry leaders in the know. Air Canada CEO:…..

It is almost 75 years since the InterContinental brand became a pioneer for luxury travel and still more properties are popping up in cities across the world

It was back in Apr-1946 that famous US airline Pan American World Airways launched its new hotel concept and the birth of the InterContinental Hotels…..

Alaska Airlines believes it and American Airlines will be extremely competitive for west coast corporate travellers

The recent tie-up between American Airlines and JetBlue Airways on the US eastern seaboard has received a lot of attention, but Alaska Airlines is already…..

DATA SPOTLIGHT: Frankfurt Airport

This year The Blue Swan Daily will feature some of the leading airlines, airports and country markets for air travel. Here, using the extensive profile insights available…..

Business class cabins have traditionally been about providing added comforts. Now, it could be all about the security of more personal space!

Travelling in business class is something we all welcome. Traditionally our reasons would have been given as liking the extra comforts it affords us, maybe…..