Peakwork adds seat reservation ancillary services into dynamic packaging

Peakwork announced (13-Feb-2020) the addition of a new seat reservation booking option for ancillary services into dynamic packaging of flights plus hotel accommodation. Within the booking…..

Hong Kong Airlines cuts back on inflight services

Hong Kong Airlines announced (18-Feb-2020) plans to introduce the following measures due to the coronavirus outbreak: Duvets/blankets and pillows will not be offered; Magazine choice…..

Airline a la carte ancillary revenues are continuing to rise – they are now seen as a ‘necessary step for all airlines that want to stay relevant’

The birthplace of airline a la carte revenue – Europe – continues to lead the globe in annual growth for this key sales component, but…..

Swede’s electric – Swedavia takes the lead in encouraging electric aviation

“Are friends electric?” asked Gary Numan in Tubeway Army’s 1979 hit. Swedavia seems to believe you can win friends, in what must be the hardest…..

American and Alaska’s agreement puts Seattle on the map, boosts oneworld’s membership, but also delivers new much-requested intercontinental connectivity for corporate travellers

The new west coast international alliance between American Airlines and Alaska Airlines is a big deal. The expanded relationship between the US airlines will offer…..

Cathay Pacific Group further extends overall passenger capacity reduction to 40%

Cathay Pacific Group chief customer and commercial officer Ronald Lam stated (17-Feb-2020) the group has reduced its overall passenger flight capacity by around 40%, a…..

Corporate travel delivers a competitive business advantage – companies with a strong travel culture are proved to be better equipped to innovate

In a world of flex or fail, agile companies that innovate clearly have a competitive advantage. So the question becomes – how can leaders help…..

‘Temporary’ airport terminals become more commonplace: no surprise as airport infrastructure keeps up with passenger demand

There are swanky state-of-the-art airport terminals around the world in places like Singapore and Dubai, more functional ones in most cities and a few which…..

CHECK IN! – latest hotel highlights from across the globe

The Blue Swan Daily brings you the first of this week’s round up of some of the latest accommodation news from across the globe. Best Western…..

Expedia Group reports 7% decrease in air tickets sold for 2019

Expedia Group reported (13-Feb-2020) air revenue decreased 1% year-on-year in 2019, driven by an 8% decrease in revenue per ticket, mostly offset by a 7% increase in…..

easyJet and Sabre enter distribution agreement

easyJet entered (12-Feb-2020) a distribution agreement with Sabre, enabling corporate travel agencies across Europe to access its fares through Sabre GDS. [more – original PR]