Avis adds new ‘split my bill’ app feature for the bleisure set

Bleisure is now a mainstay in the travel industry, and all types of businesses are attempting to capitalise on opportunities of ever increasing populations mixing…..

Inside Travel: Understanding the latest technology and industry trend insights

Find it hard to keep track with all the latest insights into business trends, new products and technology advancements in the travel sector? The Blue Swan…..

Visitor arrivals to Guam up 5% in May-2019

Guam Visitors Bureau reported (22-Jun-2019) visitor arrivals to Guam for May-2019. Details include: Visitor arrivals: 120,082, +5.3% year-on-year; South Korea: 58,248, -3.7%; Japan: 41,688, +14.0%;…..

Visitor arrivals to Maldives up 11% in May-2019, arrivals from India double

Maldives‘ Ministry of Tourism reported (24-Jun-2019) visitor arrivals to the Maldives for May-2019. Details include: Visitor arrivals: 103,022, +10.9% year-on-year; China: 21,010, +24.1%; India: 17,389,…..

Visitor arrivals to South Korea up 20% in May-2019, resident departures up 3%

South Korea‘s Tourism Organisation reported (24-Jun-2019) visitor arrivals to South Korea for May-2019. Details include: Visitor arrivals: 1.5 million, +20.0% year-on-year; China: 500,413, +35.2%; Japan:…..

Country Insight: #52 – Ukraine

This year The Blue Swan Daily will countdown the world’s 100 largest aviation markets based upon departure seats in 2018. Here, using the extensive profile…..

United Airlines to suspend Newark-Mumbai and Newark-Delhi services until Sep-2019

United Airlines reportedly plans to suspend New York Newark-Mumbai service and New York Newark-Delhi service until 01-Sep-2019, due to “current events in the Middle East…..

Hong Kong Airlines reduces frequency on North American routes over winter 2019/2020

Hong Kong Airlines plans to reduce frequency on the following services over winter 2019/2020 (Routes Online, 20-Jun-2019): Hong Kong-Los Angeles: Reduce from seven to four…..

More than 13,000 pax affected by EVA Air cabin crew strike

EVA Air announced (22-Jun-2019) due to the Taoyuan Flight Attendants Union strike, the airline cancelled 59 of 89 scheduled frequencies from Taiwan on 22-Jun-2018, including…..

Cebu Pacific accelerates its focus on the regional market within Asia Pacific

Cebu Pacific is accelerating its focus on the regional market within Asia Pacific and upgauging following a new Airbus order. Long haul services to North…..

Gender equality needs to accelerate – high level female appointments remain few and far between at North American airlines

JetBlue made a significant move in 2018 when it named airline veteran Joanna Geraghty as president and COO. Canada’s largest airline, Air Canada, also named…..