We are already seeing a positive rise in domestic air travel, but which of the world’s largest markets are showing the strongest recovery?

The recovery of travel to all destinations worldwide will depend on a host of factors, not limited to the economy, the speed with which travel…..

Travel spend in the US is gradually increasing. Small steps but encouraging signs of improvement

Since the beginning of Mar-2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic began in earnest, the US travel industry has suffered an estimated USD273 billion in cumulative losses…..

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The ‘whiteboard is now clean’ and there’s an opportunity to create a more compelling travel journey with digital innovation at its heart, but could fear of failure impede change

New global research has showed the majority of companies will increase their spending on digital transformation. The observation from a global IFS survey, highlights increased…..

The opportunity exists to reset travel and flatten the curve of overtourism. Do we need to relook at the benefits of travelling in the low season?

The UN World Tourism Organization predicted that there would be 1.8 billion international travellers by 2030. In 2018 we were already ahead of that target……

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Europe is ahead of North America in the Covid-19 lifecycle so should see a quicker return of corporate travel, but uncertainty remains when that will be

Europe has been ahead of North America in the lifecycle of the coronavirus pandemic. While we are still uncertain just where it emerged it has…..

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