Pajamas on planes: popular with passengers (not just politicians)

Sleep: something most long-haul passengers prioritise. Whether it’s lie-flat beds, luxury bedding, pre-flight dining or dine-on-demand: all these products are designed to help long haul…..

ACTE found 20% of companies see the US travel ban as causing their travellers difficulty.

Trump’s “terrorist” ban slows business travel

Australian business travellers are not directly affected by US President Donald Trump’s executive order banning travel to the United States from seven Muslim-majority countries. But…..

As more people fly globally, China remains the backbone of local growth

International airline passenger traffic was up strongly again in 2016, according to international airline representative body IATA’s 2016 traffic report. Global passenger demand rose 6.3%…..

Travel under Trump Part 2: Trump’s Order quashed again by the US Federal Court. Business as usual for travellers and the airlines, for now.

A US Federal Appeal Court has rejected the Trump administration’s emergency application, or ‘motion’ to have the President’s Executive Order reinstated. The decision was unanimous…..

Travel under Trump Part 1: The Cost of Compliance

27-Jan-2017 is probably a day most airline execs around the world will be happy to forget. President Trump’s Executive Order took passengers and airlines by…..

Passenger numbers into Sydney increase, particularly from Indonesia, Japan and India – fueled by competition and those massive hubs.

2016 was a good year for Sydney Airport with the number of international arrivals rising by 8.9%. Announcing the result, Managing Director and CEO Kerrie…..

Airline safety videos – epic productions with a bit of safety thrown in

Airline safety videos used to be boring. Very boring. Wooden flight attendants pointing out how to fasten a seatbelt or explaining where the emergency exits…..

Virgin stays in the black but announces fall in quarterly profit

Virgin Australia Holdings Limited (VAH) has announced (03-Feb-2017) an Underlying Profit Before Tax result of AUD45.9 million in Q2 – 2016-2017. The result is down…..

Etihad and Lufthansa jump into bed – but keep their pyjamas on for now

International aviation’s reach is long. Events in Europe and the Middle East can have very important impacts on the far flung countries of the South…..

Uber transforms ground transport

Ride-sharing service Uber has rapidly grown to become the largest provider of ground transport for business travellers in the United States, forcing more organisations to…..

Airlines, corporate and travel industry backlash against the Trump executive order; bad for business, bad for travel

Travel groups and airlines have immediately raised significant concerns at the immediate impact of President Trump’s executive order. A weekend survey by leading corporate travel…..