London Luton Airport again seeks better rail connections to build on rapid growth

London Luton Airport is one of the fastest growing airports in the UK. Passenger traffic grew by 17% in 2015, by 18.5% in 2016 and…..

New Zealand tourism and aviation on show in October

The 2017 CAPA-ACTE New Zealand Aviation & Corporate Travel Summit is just around the corner, with seats filling fast. In preparation for the event, we…..

Gulf aviation rebalances partnerships across networks

Airshows are often judged based on how many aircraft orders are produced. By that metric, the Dubai Airshow in Nov-2017 will continue the lull seen…..

Dramatic images of a damaged Badr Airlines aircraft surface as a result of a bird strike

Recently, there has been a great deal of press around the impact birds can have on aircraft. Earlier in the year we had two separate…..

London Heathrow the ‘most connected International Megahub’; Asia leads the way among LCC connections

It may remain heavily constrained by its capacity, but London Heathrow remains the single most connected International Megahub in the world by a clear margin,…..

Designing airports for the ever-changing future

Ever wondered what goes into the building of an airport? The years of planning, years of building and continued development and updating. The Blue Swan…..

South Pac Share and Oil Price Weekly Update

Each week the The Blue Swan Daily brings you a snap shot of the key share and oil prices related to all things travel and…..

Spain’s El Clásico battle spreads from the football pitch to international airports

The La Liga rivalry between Barcelona and Real Madrid is one of the fiercest in world football. The two teams dominate in the domestic league…..

Northern African hotels deliver highest increase in global occupancy rates in 2017

The return of some form of political stability across parts of Northern Africa is helping the region to lead the way in terms of hotel…..

On time performance suffers in August, dropping 5.5 percentage points

Overall on-time performance in Australia for Aug-2017 dropped 5.5 percentage points in comparison to the same period in 2016. The average over all routes by…..

Malta’s tourism markets – mainland European countries gaining at the expense of the UK

According to Malta International Airport, its top five markets – the UK, Italy, Germany, France and Spain – were responsible for more than 460,000 passenger…..