Asian countries dominate among those with the most citizens confident in travelling in the ‘new normal’ where contactless experiences dictate sentiment

Asian travellers are showing more confidence about travelling in the new normal than their western counterparts, according to a recent global study conducted by social…..

Bow-Tie Briefing – never give up, never despair (Part 2)

Dear travel managers, corporate travel industry partners and road warriors from all around the world, First things first, my heartfelt gratitude for all the kind…..

The travel journey still has clear ‘inconsistencies’ and for corporate travellers that is a significant hurdle to overcome

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Delivering on duty of care – the coronavirus crisis means one of the biggest topics in business travel right now is travel risk management

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Balancing risk and reward – UK’s new travel restrictions on arrivals from Spain illustrates that kick-starting travel will be painful process for travellers

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Smart technology is being developed at breakneck speed and could prove essential to recover traveller confidence

One thing that has become clear as Covid-19 has spread around the world and looks set to stay in circulation for the foreseeable future, is…..

Facial recognition technology is rapidly being brought into use as a result of the need for zero contact through airports and stations

The days of handing over your passport before checking in for a flight, before boarding and at border controls are almost certainly numbered. As will…..

Video conferences have largely taken over business travel for now at least, but is Zoom fatigue beginning to set in?

Many a report has been written about how the resurgence of business travel is likely to lag behind leisure travel. In addition to the requirement…..