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    Korean Air: a new CEO and Korean cuts first class routes

    Delta Air Lines has made interesting network moves during the last few years, seizing on opportunities from mid-sized airports. Raleigh Durham has become a focus city for the airline and is one of several non-hub markets featuring nonstop flights operated by Delta to Paris.

    In 2018 Delta launched flights from Indianapolis to Paris, joining flights to its French hub from US non-hub airports in Raleigh, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh. After a decade of service, Delta has opted not to resume seasonal service from Pittsburgh to Paris, citing overcapacity in that particular trans Atlantic market.

    Officials from Indianapolis appear bullish about Delta’s first year of service to Paris, and unlike its situation in Pittsburgh, Delta has a stronger position in Indianapolis, Raleigh and Cincinnati that should help to sustain long haul flights for now.

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    American, United, Delta Air: premium economy results encouraging

    The three large US global network airlines are in the early innings of deploying their respective premium economy products on long haul routes, but there is no shortage of optimism at American, Delta and United about the revenue-generating potential of a dedicated product between first/business class and economy.

    American is further along in the number of premium economy seats it has on offer after recently completing retrofits of nearly 124 widebodies with a dedicated premium economy section.

    United and Delta are at varying stages of a premium economy deployment on long haul international routes, but all three airlines cite encouraging statistics about pricing power and load factors for their latest segmented product.

    The roll-out of premium economy by those airlines is the latest development in their product segmentation strategies that are designed to drive upsales and to compete more effectively with lower cost competitors as those competitors enter and exit the market.

    Premium economy is a way of ensuring that they cater to all passenger segments that are looking for value in long haul markets.

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    World’s top airport brands, but odd criteria…?

    The company Brand Finance has released its inaugural report on the most valuable and strongest airport ‘brands’ with a list of the World’s ‘Top 25’.

    There are several definitions of the word ‘brand’, including: ‘a particular identity or image regarded as an asset.’ Of course, just about everything is a brand now, from washing powders to pop groups to sporting celebrities, and image is everything. Some people and entities are better known for their image than for what they actually do.

    In the report the big city airports dominate at the expense of smaller ones with a strong case and, among the interesting assessments, the exclusion of Dubai and other Middle East airports is a mystery.

    The criteria used to establish this list are comprehensive but, even so, may need benefit from a closer review.

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