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    Airport groups: new AENA division for Brazilian airport concessions

    AENA Internacional was not very active after the privatisation of the parent company in 2015, meaning that it actually did bid in numerous deals but was not successful.

    However, despite the fact that the national language in Brazil is Portuguese, rather than Spanish, it was successful in securing the concession on six smaller Brazilian airports in the last round there.

    They are anchored around one main one airport, Recife, which is the country’s eighth busiest. While prospects are reasonable if Brazil’s economy improves, it is reasonable to wonder why the company did not take up the option on the remaining equity on London Luton Airport a few years ago; a safer bet all round.

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    Air Astana’s FlyArystan: Kazakhstan’s new low cost option 

    Air Astana’s new unit FlyArystan will launch operations on 1-May-2019, giving leisure passengers and corporates the first low cost option in Kazakhstan’s growing domestic market. While FlyArystan is technically not an airline – because it will be using Air Astana’s operator’s certificate – the new budget brand could emerge as the first significant low cost competitor in Central Asia.

    Air Astana, Kazakhstan’s largest airline, decided to establish a low cost brand in 2018. FlyArystan has been tasked with achieving 40% lower unit costs than its parent on the same routes, a goal driven mainly by the use of higher density aircraft.

    Ancillary revenues are also a key component of the FlyArystan strategy, differentiating it from other domestic competitors. Kazakhstan recently implemented legislative changes enabling airlines to start charging passengers for baggage.

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