CASA releases proposed new regulations for larger aircraft air transport operations

    Australia‘s Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) CEO and director of aviation safety Shane Carmody reported (28-Aug-2018) proposed new regulations for larger aircraft air transport operations have been released. Part 121 of the regulations will cover regular public transport, charter, cargo and ambulance work in aircraft with a maximum take-off weight of above 8618kg or with more than nine passenger seats. The proposed rules retain many existing requirements, while consolidating regulations into one document suite and making them more operationally focused. There are a number of new requirements to bring Australia up to date with international standards. Proposed changes relate to extended diversion time operations, fuel and alternate aerodrome requirements, narrow runway operations, underwater locating devices, medical equipment, inexperienced flight crew rostering and cabin crew training and checking. The new rules allow as far as possible for an outcomes-based approach to be used by air operators. The proposed Part 121 is accompanied by the proposed new Part 119, which covers air operator certificates. A key outcome of the package of new rules will be a common level of safety for current charter and regular public transport operations, with both becoming air transport operations. CASA plans for the new rules to come into effect in Mar-2021. Some provisions may have a later start date if air operators need more time to transition. [more – original PR]