CAPA: Qantas appears to have many fleeting needs in good order

    CAPA – Centre for Aviation, in a report entitled: ‘Qantas fleet: ageing aircraft and leasing potential, future of the A330, and Jetstar fleet needs’, stated (20-Feb-2018) from having one of the younger fleets in the region, Qantas’ average fleet age has steadily crept up, to 10.6 today. A young fleet is good for marketing and when fuel prices are high, but at the other extreme, Delta Air Lines provides a counter-example: one of the industry’s oldest fleets, at an average of 17 years, but with new interiors, respected reliability and some of the industry’s best profits. Qantas appears to have many fleeting needs in good order: 787s are replacing some 747s, and Qantas’ 777X/A350 campaign will replace the remaining 747s – and perhaps some A380s. [more – CAPA Analysis]