CAPA partners with STR to deliver the 2018 Global Aviation & Accommodation Outlook

CAPA – Centre for Aviation has joined forces with hotel benchmarking provider, STR, to deliver the Global Aviation and Accommodation Outlook for 2018. The report explores key trends expected to impact the aviation and accommodation markets in 2018, from the two leading authorities in the world.


The report visually represents differing outlooks for both industries in clear and concise formats. Outlooks include:

  • Aviation:
    • The effects of fuel costs;
    • South East Asia;
    • Long haul low cost operators are growing fast;
    • Super connectors are reorganising;
    • Disruption in the supply chain
  • Accommodation:
    • Performance;
    • Occupancy;
    • Wrap up of key markets.

Key highlights of the report include:

  • Oil prices have increased by over US15 per barrel in 12 months, an increase of 33%;
  • South East Asia has more aircraft on order than their existing fleet, 76.4% of these are bound for LCCs;
  • Of the 2,875 routes served by full service airlines, over 2,700 routes do not have an LCC flying them;
  • 45% of the aircraft orders in 2017 were from Asia of that and over a third were from India;
  • Gulf carriers & Turkish currently have 16.1% of the global international ASKs up from 5.9% in 2007;
  • 40,000+ new travel apps under development
voice recognition bots and artificial intelligence.
  • Supply affected accommodation markets include: Brisbane, Perth, Dubai, Singapore & Seoul.


To view or download the full report, visit the following link: CAPA STR 2018 Global Aviation and Accomodation Outlook.