CAPA Global LCC Summit – 25-26 February

    LCCs have been rarely out of the news over the past 20 years as they disrupted market after market. And ever since, full service airlines have been learning from the often revolutionary methodology applied by the LCC model, in such areas as ancillary revenue as well as operational efficiencies and cost reduction. Equally, as LCCs proliferated and entered new markets, many sought to diversify, creating systems that mimicked their older peers.

    The CAPA Global LCC Summit seeks to tap into the dynamic changes taking place in the airline industry and address the following issues in creative and authoritative ways:

    • LCC business model evolution, networking and interlining
    • Full Service-LCC airline groups
    • LCC financing and leasing trends
    • Cross border joint ventures and LCC alliances
    • Improving the airline-airport interface
    • The growth of long haul low cost airlines
    • LCCs and corporate travel
    • LCC distribution and digital transformation.

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