CAPA: CSeries aircraft has likely risen in relevance for JetBlue; a more distinct possibility for Spirit Airlines

    CAPA – Centre for Aviation, in an article entitled: ‘CSeries aircraft could get second looks from Airbus customers through the new Bombardier partnership’, stated (06-Feb-2017) the CSeries aircraft has now likely risen in relevance as JetBlue continues to study the fate of its Embraer 190 fleet. CAPA noted JetBlue has 95 Airbus A320neo family aircraft on order that will be powered by the Pratt & Whitney PW1000G geared turbofan engine, which is the same power plant as for the Bombardier CSeries. The report also stated the CSeries could now be a more distinct possibility for Spirit Airlines, whose network composition includes large metro markets and smaller medium sized markets. CAPA said with Airbus’ sales and technical support, Spirit could give a higher level of consideration to the CSeries than in the past. [more – original article]