CAPA Americas Aviation Summit – 18-19 March 2019

    The CAPA Americas Aviation Summit, to be held on 18-19 March 2019, will examine key commercial and operational issues affecting airlines and airports in the Americas, focusing on both US domestic issues and growth prospects in key international markets.

    With aviation in a highly dynamic state, the CAPA Americas Aviation Summit 2019 will seek to tap into these changes and address the following issues:

    • Geopolitical outlook and its impact on aviation industry
    • The state of US infrastructure and ATM reform
    • The sustainability of revenue optimisation strategies, including fare families and product unbundling
    • The impact of New Generation aircraft on long haul route economics; enabling new growth opportunities between SE Asia and the US and Lower South America and North America
    • Immunised JVs and market access
    • Disruption on the North Atlantic; market impact of incursions from new low cost long haul entrants
    • The impact of ULCCs on the Canadian airline industry
    • Distribution in the digital age and latest NDC developments
    • Use cases for AI, automation and blockchain – what it could bring to the airline business
    • Coping with disruption and structural change – what airlines can learn from other sectors

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