CANSO: ‘Absurd’ much of travel between African countries must be via Europe or Middle East

    CANSO DG Jeff Poole stated (26-Sep-2017) Africa “has always been a continent of challenges but also of opportunity and great potential”. He affirmed Africa will be the world’s most populous continent by 2050, with 2.4 billion people and half the population living in cities. “The big question is whether Africa can translate this huge population growth into economic development and prosperity”, Mr Poole said, stating the “question for aviation and the ATM industry is: what do we need to do as one of the key catalysts and drivers of this economic and social growth?”. He said: “Connectivity is critical for regional integration and African growth and development… In today’s world, it is absurd that travel between many African countries still has to be via Europe or perhaps the Middle East“. [more – original PR