CAAC: Daily air pax recover to 60% of pre coronavirus levels

    CAAC reported (06-Jun-2020) daily air passengers exceeded one million for the first time since 28-Jan-2020, reaching 1.04 million on 05-Jun-2020 and recovering to 61.5% of 2019 levels. Daily number of flights reached 11,333, marking a new daily record since Feb-2020. Daily air passengers averaged 458,300 in Mar-2020, 522,700 in Apr-2020 and 785,800 in May-2020, while daily air passengers and daily number of flights in the first five days of Jun-2020 reached 935,200 and 10,570, respectively, recovering to 57.4% and 66.11% of 2019 levels. Passenger load factor averaging close to 70%.