BTC says open skies policy ‘serves the best interest of our country’

    Business Travel Coalition (BTC), in a letter to US President Trump, stated (02-Apr-2018) America’s pro-competition, pro-consumer, pro-growth Open Skies policy has proven itself over the past 25 years to be the “Made-in-America Gold Standard for international bilateral trade agreements”. BTC added: “Open Skies is a policy that serves the best interest of our country, and one that should not be jettisoned because the Big Three prefer to seek government protection rather than the more difficult work of improving their products and services and competing in the marketplace. The best interest of the nation and all aviation stakeholders, not just self-pleading by the Big Three who are not satisfied with already record-setting profits, should guide US international aviation policy”. BTC noted that open skies with the UAE and Qatar have delivered “huge benefits to US consumers, aerospace manufacturers, the travel and tourism industry and the economy writ large”, while noting that Delta Air LinesUnited Airlines and American Airlines are “seeking to undermine these agreements and are demanding that your Administration protect them from competition”. [more – original PR]