Brazil’s Prosecutor General calls on ANAC to regulate ‘comfort seat’ specification

    Brazil‘s Prosecutor General office argued (25-Sep-2018) ANACshould regulate the offer of “comfort seat” by Brazilian carriers, differentiating according to seat size, pitch and other perks. According to the office, the product should be standardised among all carriers. The office highlighted LATAM Airlines Brazil‘s example where the carrier commercialised “comfort seat whose characteristics and dimensions were absent of legal or normative dimensions, which did not legitimise the additional charge for the product”. As previously reported by CAPA, LATAM Airlines Brazil now especifies the dimension of its “comfort seat”. The Prosecutor General’s office stated that Brazil ANAC‘s omission in regulating “comfort seat” allows for carriers such as Avianca Brazil to “maintain an ordinary offer, without presenting any advantage for the customer to support the additional charge”. [more – original PR – Portuguese]