Brazilian Senate seeks to curb carriers removal of passenger rights

    Brazil‘s Senate announced (28-Sep-2018) that senators are paying close attention to “measures which remove passenger rights from aviation, such as charging for dispatched luggage or seat selection”. Senators are dissatisfied with Brazil ANAC‘s “omission” in favour of carriers and against passengers.

    • Bill 186/2018 prohibits carriers from charging for seat selection;
    • Bill 394/2014 allows transfer of bookings from one passenger to another;
    • Bill 313/2012 imposes a maximum of seven days for unused bookings to be refunded or the carrier will be fined 100% of the value owed to the client;
    • Bill 642/2015 imposes a 36 months minimum to miles and points expiration;
    • Bill 60/2018 imposes a maximum of 50% difference between each fare bracket. [more – original PR – Portuguese]