Boeing CEO: Autonomous technology will increasingly be integrated into aircraft

    Boeing chairman, president and CEO Dennis Muilenburg said autonomous technology will increasingly be integrated into aircraft, but any final decision on whether commercial flights could be operated without pilots “will rest with the regulators and will also depend on acceptance by passengers” (VEJA, 107-Sep-2018). Mr Muilenburg stated it is his belief that initially autonomous technology in commercial aviation will be used for air freight. It could also be used to offer assistance to flight crew in emergency situations. Mr Muilenburg reported Boeing is testing engine technologies for aircraft capable of Mach 5 to Mach 6, although there is a challenge to develop a business model where “there is enough demand from travellers willing to pay a premium in exchange for speed”. Boeing is also working on the development of autonomous mobility solutions to allow air transport for urban areas with high population densities such as autonomous flying taxis.