Blue Swan’s Brightest – September’s most popular EMEA newsletter stories

It’s the first full week of October, so let’s take a look back at the most popular stories from last month’s The Blue Swan Daily EMEA newsletters…

#10 – Revised strategy helps Air Mauritius emerge out of the grey as one of Africa’s prominent and profitable airlines

#9 – Airline fuel surcharges? … What airline fuel surcharges?

#8 – Aer Lingus adds London City and helps CityJet conclude transition from scheduled carrier to capacity provider

#7 – Shifting Sands – an update on latest developments across the Middle East (04-Sep-2018)

#6 – As we see more examples of airlines entering the airport business, we question… Is this the start of a new phenomenon?

#5 – Ryanair reveals record London schedule for summer 2019 despite ongoing hard Brexit concerns

#4 – Don’t Panic! seems to be the message from the UK’s Transport Department as Brexit deadline looms

#3 – London gets its ‘estuary airport’ at last but why is London City not connected to Crossrail?

#2 – The world’s largest low cost long haul airline eyes Europe

#1 – British Airways outlines new services to support connecting passengers at London Heathrow