Blue Swan’s Brightest – November’s most popular South Pacific newsletter stories

It’s the first full week of December, so let’s take a look back at the most popular stories from last month’s The Blue Swan Daily South Pacific newsletters…

#10 – ‘Moxy’ – the paper airline that could be the blueprint for future start-ups

#9 – Travelport answers key NDC questions

#8 – CTM ‘goes live’ with Qantas Distribution Platform

#7 – Could the number of flights per person be limited? Norway is leading the way on this radical thinking

#6 – New research uncovers the behavioural and psychological effects of international business travel

#5 – The changing face of Australian business travel – miles are up, but prices are down

#4 – Why does New Zealand have the lowest international LCC penetration rate in Asia Pacific?


#3 – It’s time for ‘double designation’ as China finally drops its ‘one route, one airline’ long haul policy

#2 – Qantas bullish on corporate travel demand, despite slackening retail and business confidence; Premium Economy is playing a ‘vital role’

#1 – Oneworld’s expected Qatar Airways divorce will be eased by potential China Southern marriage