Blue Swan’s Brightest – July’s most popular Americas newsletter stories

It’s the first full week of August, so let’s take a look back at the most popular stories from last month’s The Blue Swan Daily Americas newsletters…

#10 – Did you know? Top 10 Domestic Routes

#9 – Did you know? Top 10 International Routes

#8 – Delta and WestJet planned trans-border joint venture will share less than a third of USA-Canada seat capacity

#7 – Etihad Airways targets more revenue diversification following corporate restructuring

#6 – Pittsburgh celebrates elevated West Coast service as the region’s tech industry grows

#5 – NDC 101: What you need to know about IATA’s New Distribution Capability, according to Amadeus

#4 – Delta Air Lines cites strong corporate demand through 3Q2018 as it reveals non-hub long haul European flights are doing “quite well”

#3 – Secondary airports in North America – more of them are offering long haul flights than European counterparts

#2 – Singapore Airlines confirms new US schedule, increasing its premium offering

#1 – Neeleman has confirmed A220 order for ‘Moxy’, but should prepare for large US competitors to pounce