Blue Swan’s Brightest – August’s most popular Asia newsletter stories

It’s the first full week of September, so let’s take a look back at the most popular stories from last month’s The Blue Swan Daily Asia newsletters…

#10 – Peach takes steps to explore medium haul LCC model

#9 – Airline Insight: Qantas Airways

#8 – The (New York) Empire strikes back: next move, Uber and Airbnb

#7 – Millennials and Gen Z continue to splurge on experiences rather than upgrades

#6 – Cathay’s operation in the Southwest Pacific adds more capacity than can be absorbed in 1H2018

#5 – Did you know? Top 20 most internationally connected countries in the world

#4 – AirAsia X passengers on new Bangkok-Nagoya route to rejoice with Singapore Airlines seats

#3 – ‘Second city’ airports in Asia – less ‘low-cost’ than at peer European and North American airports

#2 – Genghis Khan Airlines: what do we know about the new start-up?

#1 – As Delta works to dismantle its Tokyo Narita hub, could it open the door to a new Seattle – Singapore connection?